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Have you noticed all of the TV ads for hotel booking websites lately?

Or what about the number of websites that appear when you do a Google search for a particular hotel?

These are signs of the exploding and competitive market of online booking channels.

In short, these websites – the companies owning & Expedia making up 85% of all websites – take bookings and pass them on to accommodation providers, including B&Bs like ours. They then charge us commission of about 8-15% of the total booking price.

This model has turned out to be quite successful for some, with the largest ( turning over billions in the past several financial years. Yes, billions with a “b”!

The added cost to small businesses like ours mean that we can always give you a better deal when booking directly on our website, whether that be a small discount or extras included during your stay.

So whenever booking accommodation, be sure to cut out the middle man for the benefit of you and the hotel, by going directly to the business. Check out the entertaining and informative clip below explaining more about this subject.

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Georges Esber says:

so true about life now
we are following the USA in everything, Taxi booking agency and so on anything to make more money
I say we should try and stop the third person taking that cut
and deal directly with the owner and save times and money too
I saw that episode of the checkouts.
carry on you are doing a great job

September 13, 2017 at 2:27 am

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